A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a small document that has the capacity of bringing significant changes in your life. If written properly, it can help you get into the company of your choice. On the contrary, a half-hearted attempt at writing an SOP can break your longstanding dreams. When applying for an internship, you are most probably a newcomer and have minimal work experience. In such a case, there are only a handful of things at your disposal to convince the employer to hire you. Proofreading your CV to perfection and sharpening your intellect and knowledge base are examples of the same. However, the impact a good SOP can leave on the employer’s minds is unlike any other document.

Things to keep in mind before crafting an SOP for Internship

It is always good to be well-prepared before starting a task as vital as writing an SOP. Following are some notable points you must keep in mind before writing your SOP for Internship:

  • Know about the company: A good amount of information about the company you are applying to helps complement the hand-eye coordination in writing. Research about the past and the present of the firm and then analyze its future course. Now, use this information to present why you are a perfect fit for the company and how you can help them achieve desired goals in the long run.

A fair amount of information about the company you are applying for can help complement your written hand-eye coordination.

Investigate the past and present of the company and then analyze the future direction of the company. We will then use this information to show you why you are best suited for your company and how you can help them achieve their desired goals in the long run.

Don’t brag about your achievements. Candidates are anxious to join the company and often overemphasize their performance to attract attention. This may work from time to time, but you will have problems during the interview stage most of the time.

Imagine bragging about doing a lot of community activities when the reality is different. Make it simple and genuine. Companies prefer honest and conscientious candidates. Use compelling text: SOPs are personal statements addressed to professional organizations.

The number of words in the SOP is between 500 and 1000 words and can be considered short and extended by the person writing it. If you feel sharp, you need to choose words wisely to form emotionally powerful sentences.

On the other hand, if you are careful about words, avoid being self-satisfied with the entire SOP and quarreling. Using a more significant number of words to convey important professional or personal information is helpful.

  • Don’t over boast your accomplishments: It often happens that aspirants are so desperate to get into a company that they overemphasize their accomplishments to gain attention. This might sometimes work, but more often than not, it would lead to problems during the interview stage. Imagine you boasted of being involved in a lot of social work when the reality was something else. Just keep it simple and genuine. Companies prefer candidates who are honest and diligent.
  • Use impactful sentences: An SOP is a personal statement directed to a professional organization. The word count of an SOP lies anywhere between 500-1000 words, which can be considered short and long both, depending on the person writing it. If you feel it is short, you must choose words wisely to frame emotionally powerful sentences. On the other hand, if you consider the words enough, be cautious of not becoming complacent and just blabbering throughout the SOP. It would help if you utilized a bigger word count towards communicating important professional and personal information. The SOP should mostly contain words and phrases that look natural but have a long-lasting impact.
  • Don’t stretch a paragraph too much: Loads of information in one section would make the entire SOP look bulky and attract a lack of interest from the reader, which would lead to a negative first impression. Make sure to maintain a consistent length of paragraphs across the SOP. Use paragraph breaks wherever necessary.

How to Structure your SOP for Internship?

The right structure is vital to maintain a good flow in your SOP.

  • Introduction: Start with a positive quote or an inspirational incident of your life that gave a head start to your career goals. Afterward, you can provide a brief overview of your journey leading to the application for the internship. In the opening paragraph, don’t forget to mention one point about the company which makes it different from others.
  • Academic and Professional experience: This would be the 2nd paragraph of your SOP, where you can mention your detailed academic antecedents to inform the reader about your proficiency in studies. Since you are applying for an internship, there would probably be very little or no professional experience backing with you, making this section the basis for the acceptance or rejection of your application. Therefore, be careful of what you write and how you present the information. Try taking the storytelling approach, which helps in maintaining continuity.
  • Career goals: An SOP, as a whole, is about your goals and dreams in life. It is a statement of “purpose”; therefore, you need to explain succinctly what long-term purpose do you have and how the internship would help you achieve that. Questions like how you would use your experience to contribute to society and what are your long-term goals, among others, should be answered.
  • Social Work (if any): You may have been involved with an NGO or any social-help organization or may have individually done something for the oppressed people of society. In this paragraph that precedes the conclusion, you need to highlight such points. These things supplement your application and can give you an edge over others.

The SOP should contain words that look primarily natural but have a long-term impact.

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  • Conclusion: You have done everything right by now, and to finish on a high note, the concluding paragraph should be well-crafted. Do not, even by mistake, add new information here. You have to give a short but unique view of what has already been provided in the rest of the SOP. Also, talk briefly about the company and how you are a perfect fit for the same, given your academic qualifications and experience.

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