New Zealand, the land of Kiwis, is a place of aesthetical brilliance. An SOP isn’t different either. It should be eye-catching, impressive, and presentable. It is challenging for students to find time to create a masterly SOP that can secure admission. If done haphazardly, there are sure to be serious repercussions. Therefore, it is suitable to outsource crafting an SOP to Kalam Kagaz, a top-rated content writing agency in New Zealand.

Features of a good SOP

The essence of a successful SOP is that you have to tell a story through it. All of the above should be included, but they shouldn’t sound very stereotypical like computer programs and checklists. It should be creative and exciting to the reader and emphasize your uniqueness.

In short, your SOP will be your story. It is undoubtedly not an accumulation of facts about your past academic and personal life. You need to discuss your background about your life’s exciting events and adventures.

Don’t hesitate to provide personal information, or don’t expect it to be meaningless. Writing a story strategically and emphasizing the essence of many incidents that were important to you and helped you choose a particular engineering program in a specific school helped take the admission process one step further Increase.

Clear language

An SOP should be written in clear, understandable language. It should be void of hard-to-read sentences. If the words aren’t clearly laid down, the document will become complex, and the admission committee will reject it immediately. The introductory paragraph must lay a good foundation that the Why did you choose graduate programs, who inspired you to choose a particular major, and what do you think will happen in the future when you realize that this is the right career option for you? After completing this specific course, did you have any primary goals in life for your chosen course?

Finally, keep in mind that word or page restrictions usually remain. However, be careful not to hesitate to write your own story first. Take enough time to write it and make some drafts until you have a draft that looks like you’re writing the story well.

The statement or SOP of interest is perhaps the essential part of your application because it tells your organization why you are taking the course, your career selection progress, and your plans for the future. It is crucial to make the SOP stand out in hundreds of applications.

You may have good grades and impressive observations, but only your SOP will separate you from the next suitable candidate for representatives looking at your application. A good SOP will make a favorable decision from the admissions committee.

Concise and crisp

Though it is a personal statement that is supposed to have many incidents from your life, you need to ensure the piece of information is to the point. If the content is not crisp, the reader will not find it engaging, and the SOP would become unconvincing.


An SOP should serve its purpose, i.e., it should leave a substantial impact on the people reading it. Sometimes, while writing an SOP, candidates forget the real intention, which leads to a lot of irrelevant information in the document. One should be considerate of the guidelines if any, provided by the institute or university.

Well Structured

Writing an SOP is one thing and structuring it well is another. Though there is no strict format of an SOP, there is still a structure one should follow to make it presentable. Usually, an SOP should begin with an introductory paragraph and gradually divulge one’s academic, professional, and personal details.

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It happens that you may wish to suggest some changes after the final SOP is delivered to you. However, many companies do not allow the same. At Kalam Kagaz, user satisfaction is the utmost priority, and therefore, we take into consideration your issues and make changes accordingly.


A professional writing service is a must if you want to leave a long-lasting impact on the minds of the admission committee through your SOP. Kalam Kagaz has dedicated writers who meet deadlines, are open to criticism, and have punctuality stitched in their blood. Moreover, we are affordable and customer-friendly, which makes your decision easier.

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